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4 Common Problems You May Experience With Your Residential Water Line

Although it works 24/7 to ensure your home has a reliable supply of clean water for everyday use, your water line is one of those things you can easily forget about because it's buried outside.

That said, problems with your home's water supply must never be ignored because they have the potential to disrupt daily household routines, such as cooking, cleaning, and bathing, as well as create unsanitary conditions within the home.

Residential water line problems can manifest in many different ways. If you experience any of the following plumbing issues in your home, you may need to arrange for water line repair services from a plumbing company.

Low Water Pressure

Low water pressure is a tell-tale sign that there might be a problem with your water line, but if you get your water supply from a centralized utility provider, such as the municipality or local water company, always first investigate if there are external factors that are affecting your water pressure.

Did your utility service provider schedule an interruption to your water supply? Are they having problems supplying water to you at the normal pressure? If you've completely ruled out the possibility of external interference with your water supply, locate the water pressure regulator on your property and check if the pressure was adjusted to a lower setting. 

If the pressure setting is unchanged, you should get your water pipes checked for potential leaks and blockages.

Dirty/Discolored Water

If brown or discolored water is coming out of your cold water faucets, this is an indication that the water quality isn't good. If you live in an older house with copper, bronze, or cast iron pipes, the problem could point to rusting or corrosion of your water pipes. If the pipes are rusted or corroded, your water will have a lingering smell and a metallic taste.

If the water appears to be dirty from mixing with the soil, it's likely you may have pipe leaks. Leaking pipes should be identified and fixed quickly. They contaminate the water and waste it, leading to expensive water bills.

Water Line Leaks

While pipe leaks are one of the major reasons you may end up receiving a dirty water supply, they require special mention because they can occur anywhere along your residential water line. Aside from pipe corrosion, weak joints and natural deterioration of pipe material can also cause water line leaks.

Burst Pipes

Of all the different water line problems mentioned so far, burst pipes are the gravest because of the potential to cause significant water damage to your residential real estate. Water pipes tend to burst during the winter months because that's when water expands as it freezes inside the pipes it flows through. As the ice forms, it exerts outward pressure on the pipes, causing them to eventually rupture.

Water supply issues have the potential to bring activities at your home to a complete standstill. They can also jeopardize the health of your family by creating unsanitary conditions. If you suspect any problem with your home's water supply, don't hesitate to bring in an emergency plumber.