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Does Your Garbage Disposal Need Repairs? 3 Ways to Know for Sure

The garbage disposal is an essential component of your kitchen's infrastructure. When you have a functional garbage disposal, you have the assurance that all organic waste from the kitchen gets channeled to the right place and does not cause damages to the plumbing. On the other hand, when your garbage disposal stops working, you have to deal with manual management of waste from the kitchen, which can be tedious. Since the garbage disposal constantly grinds food and other organic matter, it does wear out with time, and you should always know when it needs repairs. Here are three signs that something is absolutely wrong with your disposal and that a pro needs to repair it. 

When It Stops Making Noises

The garbage disposal system has characteristic sounds that it makes when you turn it on. However, if you switch on the power supply, and discover it is not making any noise, a part of the system is broken and needs repairs. You should check that you have plugged the disposal into the power source before pressing the reset button. If you press the reset and still find that the system doesn't work or make any noise, it is time to call a technician to assess the damage and recommend the best repairs. 

When It Starts Leaking

The garbage disposal handles organic waste and has seals to ensure that the waste put inside remains contained inside. However, leaks can occur around the sink's drain hole because it connects the plumbing and garbage disposal. If the rings are faulty, the professional will fix them. On the other hand, the problem could be that the person who handled the installation wasn't competent enough, so they made mistakes. In such a case, the best solution is to re-install the system. Dropping hard items inside it can also damage components like the casing. Get a technician to assess why parts are leaking, and give you the correct maintenance and repair solution.

When It Starts Draining Slowly

Your garbage disposal might also start draining slower than it should. The reduction in efficiency comes from having a congested drain line. Most homeowners make the mistake of using drain chemicals in an attempt to clean the drain. However, this is wrong and can lead to permanent damages to your system.

Contact a garbage disposal repair technician and have them determine what the problem could be. With their help, you will fix issues the garbage disposal has developed and increase its efficiency and lifespan.