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Repairing Issues With Your Home's Water Well Pump

To remove the water from the underground source, a strong pump will be used to pull the water to the surface. Any problems with the water well pump can lead to substantial problems for the home's plumbing that may significantly reduce your quality of life and comfort.

Red Water Coming From The Faucets

Red water coming from the faucets can be an alarming problem for a homeowner. Often, this discoloration is the direct result of corrosion forming in the pump. If this problem is not repaired, the water quality for the home will continue to deteriorate, and the damage to the pump will worsen until it causes a malfunction. Addressing a rust problem can be tricky due to the need to access the interior of the pump to remove the corrosion that has formed. In some cases, this may be possible by simply sanding the rust and treating it with a protective sealant. However, serious rust may require some components of the pump to be replaced.

Noticeable Pressure Decrease

Problems that are able to result in a noticeable decrease of the water pressure or availability for the home can be among the issues that are the most common. In addition to a mechanical problem being able to reduce the output capacity of the pump, this problem can also be the result of an obstruction in the well line. A thorough assessment of the entire pump system may be needed to find the source of the water pressure issues. To reduce the risk of damaging the well pump system, you should consider turning it off until the proper repairs have been made to it. Otherwise, the increased strain on the pump can lead to other problems for the pumping system that may raise the repair costs.

Unusually High Electrical Costs

A water well pump will require fairly large amounts of power to function. Unfortunately, some malfunctions can lead to the pump having to run for much longer periods of time. This can substantially increase the electrical demand of the unit, which may lead to higher monthly power costs for yourself. Monitoring the power usage of your well pump can help you quickly identify this warning sign. For the most accurate monitoring ability, you should install a power meter that can provide you with a reading of the power usage of the pumping system. By regularly monitoring the monthly electrical usage of this device, you can easily recognize when a repair contractor is needed to address a sudden and consistent increase in power usage.

For more information about water well pump repair, contact a local repair service.