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Is It Time For Sewer Line Repair? 3 Signs You Should Pay Attention To

As a homeowner, you should take good care of your sewer line to avoid costly plumbing issues in your home. If you pay close attention to your plumbing system, you will be able to identify sewer line problems at their earliest stages. Getting sewer line issues fixed by an experienced plumbing contractor at their earliest stages will be less costly than if you wait. For instance, your sewer line may need a professional's attention if you notice pools of wastewater in your yard. It is an indication that your sewer line may be leaking, which requires immediate action to protect your home. Apart from that, there are other indications that can help you know that it is time for sewer line repair, including:

You Notice a Sickening Smell around Your House

Something may be wrong with your sewer line if you are experiencing offensive or sickening odors around your house. This problem may occur when there is a clog in your sewer line. Moreover, you may experience a sewage smell in your basement, yard, or around your house when your sewer line is leaking. As a homeowner, you shouldn't ignore this problem because it can make your home unlivable and unhealthy for your loved ones. It's imperative to hire a skilled plumber to inspect your sewer line, identify the cause of the foul odors, and provide the most appropriate solution.    

You Notice Mold Growth on Your Walls

Your sewer line may also be defective if you notice mold growth on your walls or in your basement. It is an indication that your sewer line may be leaking, creating an excellent environment for mold or mildew growth. When ignored, leaking and mold growth may cause discoloration or cracks in your foundation and walls. Therefore, it's imperative to hire a skilled plumbing contractor when you notice this sign in order to provide accurate solutions, which will protect your house from structural damage. Taking immediate action will also protect your family from respiratory complications that may be caused by mold or mildew. 

Your Toilets Keep Backing Up

As a homeowner, you should also book an appointment with a plumbing contractor if your toilets keep backing up or are slow to drain. This sign indicates that there may be a severe blockage in your sewer line. When left unattended, the issue may cause flooding in your house, which will expose your assets to water damage. Going the DIY route or using over-the-counter drain cleaning products may cause further damage to your drainage system. Therefore, when you notice this problem, you shouldn't hesitate to hire a certified plumber to fix your defective sewer line to keep your home safe from water damage. 

As a homeowner, you should book an appointment with a skilled and certified plumber as soon as you notice any of the above sewer line issues in your home. Getting the above problems solved on time by an experienced plumbing contractor will improve hygiene in your home and keep your house safe from water damage. Reach out to a sewer line repair service near you to learn more.