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How Is Your Boiler Doing? 4 Clues It Could Be Having Problems

Your boiler makes one of the most reliable heating installations in your house, and thanks to the fewer moving parts than heating pumps and furnaces, they experience less wear and tear with use. However, like all other appliances, boilers also encounter their fair share of problems, especially when you are not paying much attention to how your boiler runs. Here are warning signs that your boiler is about to break down and needs repairs.

Unusual Smells Around the Boiler

Unusual smells are usually a good indicator that your boiler needs immediate repairs. Different types of smells will give you clues to the cause of the problem. For example, an acrid smell like burned plastic indicates that your electrical circuits have a problem, while a rotten egg smell indicates a possible gas leak. Both smells pose a significant safety hazard to your home, and it is advisable to shut off the gas supply to the boiler as soon as you notice this problem. Contact local boiler repair services and consider leaving the house if your carbon monoxide detectors go off. 

Odd Sounds from the Appliance

Odd sounds are another indicator that your boiler needs professional care. While these sounds don't necessarily mean that the boiler might explode, they pinpoint loose parts that need attention. For example, the circulating pump might have malfunctioned and could be shaking inside its case. The pump is one of the few mechanical parts in a boiler, and you need to assess it for damage. If the sound is coming from inside the tank, it is probably buildup at the bottom. Cleaning will remove the limescale and improve the heating efficiency. 

Water Dripping from the Boiler

Your boiler is designed to remain watertight throughout its life. If it starts leaking water, don't ignore this warning sign since leaks create a safety hazard and reduce the boiler's efficiency. You should call a professional to seal the leak. 

Inconsistent Room Heating

A functional and efficient boiler heats consistently. If you have had your boiler for a long time, you know how long it takes to warm up once you turn it on. If it starts taking longer than usual, it is time to have it checked for damages. 

Get a reliable boiler repair expert as soon as you notice these signs of possible boiler malfunction. With their help, you can fix boiler problems and restore its heating efficiency in no time.