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Factors That Can Lead To Emergency Residential Sewer Cleaning

Your residential sewer line connects all the drains in your home to either a public sewage system or a septic system, allowing for effective disposal and treatment of the wastewater and sewage that exits the building. That said, any problem with it is a major cause for concern because it can render your entire home's plumbing system inoperative.

While you may schedule sewer cleaning service as a part of preventative plumbing maintenance for your home, there are many instances when you may need this type of service on an emergency basis. 

Below are some common reasons you may require emergency sewer cleaning in your home.

Poor Sewer Maintenance

A sewer backup is one of those plumbing issues that can be avoided by undertaking preventative maintenance on your home's sewer line. All you have to do to keep your domestic sewer line in tip-top working condition is to get it inspected and cleaned on a periodic basis. 

Periodic inspection and cleaning of your sewer line help to break down or dislodge the debris that sticks to the internal walls of your sewer pipes over time, creating blockages that may eventually lead to sewage backing up in your home. 

If you're guilty of not maintaining your sewer line properly, it may develop partial clogs that may quickly turn into major blockages that lead to sewer backups in your home. 

Root Damage

A properly functioning sewer line allows for fast and efficient removal of raw sewage from your home. Over time, however, it may develop cracks and other forms of deterioration that lead to wastewater leaks. 

Even the smallest leak within your sewer line has the potential to cause root damage to the pipes. This is because the escaping water can cause the roots of nearby trees to grow towards and into your sewer line, resulting in pipe damage that may eventually lead to sewer blockages.

Before undertaking emergency sewer cleaning to fix sewer backup caused by root damage, you'll need to replace the damaged pipes first.

Residential sewer cleaning is not one of those things you should put on the back burner of your home maintenance to-do list. A blocked sewer line will not only render your residential plumbing system out of service but also pose a serious health hazard to the people living in your house and increase the risk of water damage to your home. If you have seen the early warning signs of sewer backup in your home, contact a local plumbing company, such as Drains By James Inc.