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3 Questions About Replacing A Gas Water Heater

Has your old hot water heater reached the point where it needs to be replaced? If so, you likely have some questions about what needs to be done.

How Can You Verify That The Ventilation System Works?

You're likely wondering if the existing ventilation system will work for a new hot water tank that you put in its place. This is possible to check by using a match and seeing if the smoke gets pulled through the existing ventilation pipe. Start by closing all of the doors and windows of your home to ensure that there are not any drafts. Then light a match and stick it near the opening to the vent where the fumes from the hot water tank will enter the pipe. If the vent is working properly, that smoke will get sucked in through the pipe and leave your home. If the smoke is blowing back, then you have a bigger problem with a clogged vent.

Can You Move Your Hot Water Tank To A New Location?

If you have a desire to move the hot water tank to a new location while installing a new one, know that it is possible to do this by running water lines to the new location. However, you may have to change the ventilation system at the same time. If your old water heater had a direct vent with that ventilation pipe, then you need to find a way to run the pipe to the new location. If this is not possible, then you'll need a power vent to suck the air out of the tank and blow it out the side of your home through a PVC pipe.

Should You Replace The Expansion Tank As Well?

Some homes use an expansion tank to regulate the water pressure in your home that comes out of the hot water heater. This expansion tank may need to be replaced if it is not in good condition. A good way to test it is by feeling the bottom of the expansion tank since that is the part that contains air to regulate the water pressure. If the bottom of the tank feels warm, then it is filled with warm water and the expansion tank is no longer doing its job. Consider replacing the expansion tank with a new one.

Reach out to a plumber if you have more questions about your home's hot water tank installation.