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Water Heater Failing? 3 Signs To Watch For

When your water heater goes out, it typically happens gradually, although, most people will ignore the signs of their water heater problems and are then in shock when the unit fails "suddenly". If you had paid attention to the signs of the water heater having issues, a repair could have been made, or a replacement could have occurred before the appliance failed altogether, leaving you with cold water to have to shower, bathe, and wash with. Read on for some of the signs of a potential water heater issue you should keep an eye out for.

1. You're Losing Hot Water Faster

If you could typically get through all of your family showerings in the morning without any hot water loss at all, but suddenly, it's having a harder time keeping up with the demand, it's a problem you need to pay attention to. This could simply be that your system needs to be flushed and the contents at the bottom need to be removed from the heater core, or your system may be struggling to keep up and needs to be replaced.

2. Your Hot Water Takes Awhile To Warm Up

If you aren't getting hot water out of our tap nearly immediately, and you are running your water for some time before hot water eventually comes out, it could be a hot water heater issue that needs your attention. You could try adjusting the thermostat on the unit, or you may need to have other work done to it. If it's an aging appliance, it may just need to be replaced.

3. Your Water Heater Is Leaking

A minor leak in your hot water heater tank may not be anything to worry about just yet, but if you have a crack in your tank or some other type of leak that could potentially cause the entire contents of the tank to leak out everywhere, it's a concern and you need to pay attention to it. Your hot water heater may need to be replaced with a new one to prevent such a disaster from occurring. 

if you have noticed any of these signs, or you just have an aging unit, it may be time to consider replacing your hot water heater before you end up without any hot water at all. Hire a professional to have a new hot water heater installed in your home and to have the old system removed from your home as well.

For more information on water heater replacement, contact a professional near you.