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Need To Install A New Septic Tank? Types And How The Installation Works

If you need to install a new septic system in your yard, you will find there are different types available. Below is information about two types of tanks, as well as how the installation process works.

Types of Septic System

A conventional septic system is known as a gravity system which uses gravity to move the liquid through the tank and then into the drain field above the tank. There is also a pressure distribution septic tank. This type features a pump that moves the water through the tank and into the drain field. You will find this is used with newer septic tank systems. 

If you do not have a lot of soil, a mound septic tank system may be chosen. With this kind, the drain field is raised so it is above the ground level instead of flush with the ground. Sand filter systems are also available which use a pump to move liquid. This is also used if you do not have a lot of soil in your yard for a large enough drain field. 

Septic Tank Installation

Septic tank systems are installed under the ground and can be made of fiberglass, concrete, or plastic. If you already have a septic tank in place, the process will go much easier. If you do not, you can expect a lot of digging and excavation vehicles. Before the process is started the septic tank company will first test the soil as it needs to be permeable for the tank to work right. This will ensure the soil absorbs water correctly to help the drain field from becoming muddy. If the soil is not permeable enough, the septic tank company will know the proper nutrients to add to it. 

If you already have a house built on the property, you may get damage to other areas, such as sidewalks, driveways, landscaping, and more so plan to make some repairs after the installation is finished. This will depend on how close your septic tank is to your home. 

The septic tank company may have to remove some trees in your yard. This is because some trees have wide roots that will infiltrate a septic tank, causing cracks and leaks. If you have purchased new land and plan to build a house, install the septic tank first. 

A septic tank company—such as Ray's Septic Tank & Grading Service—can give you much more information about the different types of tanks available and how the installation process works.