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Six Indications Your Boiler Might Need Repairs

If you have a boiler, you will want to stay in front of any potential repair projects. How soon should you begin looking for boiler repair solutions, though? Look for these six indications your boiler may need attention in the next year.

Rising Energy Bills

Yes, you should make sure rising rates aren't the culprit first. However, once you've determined your energy consumption is rising, too, it's time to see whether the boiler is at fault. Nearly all systems will experience efficiency declines over their lifetimes, and you will pass a break-even point where it's better to repair the boiler than to tolerate its shortcomings. You can have a technician inspect the system and determine if it is having problems that might affect efficiency. If so, ask for repairs.

Constant Pilot Relighting

Fixing the pilot light is usually a minor repair, but it's also something you'll want to do as soon as relighting the pilot becomes a constant battle. In the best-case scenario, relighting the pilot is an annoyance. However, a failing pilot poses risks to the entire system. Also, a failed pilot might go out on a freezing night and lead to water pipe damage. Sooner is better, so always fix pilot light systems ASAP.

Water Leakage

The fittings in boilers can degrade over time, and that can lead to a leak. Likewise, there are scenarios where its components can rust. In either instance, leaking water is a bad thing. If you see water collecting in any spots around the boiler, ask a technician to check it out right away.


Weird noises are usually bad news from boilers. They often occur if lines accumulate minerals, but failing components can also cause noises. A technician can check for problems and address whatever issues they find. Oftentimes, the boiler repair technician will just need to flush the lines to clear out the gunk.

Little to No Heat

You run a boiler to get heat in a house or place of business. If the boiler isn't producing noticeable heat, it's a problem. Pumps can fail and kill circulation. Also, a thermostat might fail and stop triggering the boiler. Faulty valves can also cause drops in pressure and circulation, significantly reducing effectiveness.

Gas Smells

If you notice the smell of natural gas, contact a professional immediately. Turn the thermostat down right away. If the smell is strong, leave the building until a professional has given the all-clear. Even if the smell is weak, turn off any systems that might cause the boiler to fire up.

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