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How To Stop Your Shower Faucet From Leaking

After you have finished with your shower, you might notice that the faucet is leaking. This is a problem that might become worse over time and you might eventually reach a point where the faucet will continue to release water perpetually. Therefore, you will want to have the issue corrected by plumbing services or you will need to fix the problem yourself.

Why Showers Leak

Shower faucets most often leak because something important has moved out of place or has become corroded. When this is the case, you might need to fix a loose packing nut or a washer might need to be replaced. Other components that might not be working include the:

  • O-ring
  • Valve seat
  • Hardware components

Fortunately, you will usually not have to fix any of these components and you will instead be able to take the existing cartridge and replace it with a new one.

How to Fix You Shower

Whenever you need to do a little bit of plumbing work, you'll want to make sure that the water is shut off. Otherwise, water might end up everywhere and can cause water damage. Then, you can begin the process of disassembling the faucet and fixing it.

Typically, you will need to remove the faceplate and the locking clip. Once both of these have been removed, you will then replace the cartridge container inside the faucet. After the cartridge has been replaced, you can reassemble the faucet.

Removing the Cartridge

The cartridge can sometimes be removed with a wrench. However, you will occasionally need to use a different type of tool. If you aren't able to figure out how to remove the cartridge, a plumbing service might be able to help.

When to Hire a Plumber

There are several reasons why you might need to consult with a plumber. Different showers have different faucets. Therefore, you might need to hire a professional who will be able to assist you in fixing a particular faucet especially if it continues to leak. 

It's especially important that you contact a plumber if your shower is leaking behind the wall. The shower might be leaking behind the wall because a pipe froze or burst. There might have been pressure on a pipe behind the wall as a result of an external force. The plumbing might also be weak. Regardless of the cause, you will want to contact plumbing services so that you can have your shower repaired as soon as possible.