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Signs You Need To Schedule A Water Heater Service

Leaks are not the only reason you may need to call a water heater repair service. There are other issues that may not be easy to spot but can indicate a real issue with a water heater. Here are some examples of issues you may experience. These issues can be serious and should lead you to contact your local water heater service technician. 


If you begin smelling a rotten smell or other foul odor from your water heater, it could be bacteria. The bacteria can get into your hot water heater due to several issues. The most common is an issue with the seals on the heater breaking down. The bacteria seeps in through the small areas in the seals. When this happens, the bacteria will grow inside of the hot water tank, causing a foul odor. If you notice this, contact your plumber immediately. They will determine what steps are next in the process depending on the level of bacteria. 

Temperature Spikes

One of the indicators you need to schedule a water heater service is temperature spikes. With spikes of extremely hot water and extremely cold water, you may have a temperature gauge problem. This is something that can cause severe burns, especially in elderly family members. The temperature gauge will need to be checked by the plumber. If there are issues, the gauge may need to be replaced. You may also have other issues with the temperature that your plumber will need to inspect and resolve for you and your family's safety. 

Low Flow

Low flow in your hot water tank can mean there is a blockage or a leak you can't see. If you have noticed low water flow and pressure when using hot water, contact your plumber. They will need to check the water heater and the lines to and from the water heater. They may also need to expect the other plumbing lines in your home to determine if the issue is with the hot water heater or with your plumbing itself. 

These are just a few of the signs you need to schedule a water heater service call. Remember to note when and where you noticed the issue. This will help the plumber determine where the water heater issue may be originating. You can also give your plumber the make, model, and serial number of your water heater. This will help them determine the age of the water heater and if there are any special parts they may need for the service call.