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4 Reasons To Switch From Drain Cleaning Chemicals To Professional Drain Services

Blocked drains are one of the most disgusting things you will experience in your house. That's why most homeowners will buy chemical drain cleaners to clear the clog quickly and restore their drains. Unfortunately, such cleaners contain chemicals that could lead to serious plumbing issues, such as damaged pipes. That's why it is best to hire drain cleaning specialists with the relevant tools and skills to handle the task. Below are a few reasons to avoid chemical drain cleaning products and work with reliable contractors instead.  

1. Expose You to Various Health Risks

Most drain cleaning products have chemicals that produce toxic fumes that irritate the eyes and nose when inhaled. In some situations, these fumes can cause stinging. Moreover, when these chemicals come into contact with your skin, they could cause burns. That's why most companies recommend using protective gear when using chemicals to clean your drains. So, if you don't want to expose yourself and your loved ones to such risks, it is best to hire drain professionals to deal with any clogs in your plumbing system. 

2. Damage to Plumbing System

Chemical drain cleaners are usually strong enough to cut through clogs. Unfortunately, these strong chemicals may also be harmful to your plumbing system. If you repeatedly use drain cleaners whenever you experience a clog, the chemicals might dissolve your drain pipes' lining. The continuous corrosion of the pipe's lining will eventually create holes and leaks. When that happens, you will have to hire professional plumbers to replace your pipes, which is a costly project. 

3. Chemicals May Not Clear All Clogs

Though drain cleaners may work on clogs caused by debris, this solution may prove ineffective on severe clogs. For instance, you can't clear stubborn clogs caused by tree roots or broken pipes with these chemical cleaners. Additionally, pouring these chemicals down your drains and allowing them to sit there for long periods increases the chances of damaging your plumbing system. Therefore, your best solution is to hire professionals to remove serious clogs without exposing your plumbing unit to damage. 

4. Environmental Concerns

After using up your chemical drain cleaner, the bottle will remain with some residue. Unfortunately, when these bottles end up in landfills, these chemical residues will leach into the ground, contaminating the soil. Though the single bottle you use may not cause much pollution, many households rely on these drain cleaners. The accumulated effect of using these chemicals across many households quickly adds up, causing serious pollution. The chemicals also affect septic tank bacteria, leading to backup, foul odor, and environmental pollution.

Chemical drain cleaners are not good for your health, plumbing system, or the environment. Moreover, these cleaners won't work on all types of clogs. Therefore, hire drain cleaning experts with the proper skills and tools to eliminate drain clogs. That way, you keep your loved ones, the environment, and your plumbing system safe.  

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