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3 Types Of Temporary Fencing

Fencing can be a valuable addition to any construction site. Contractors use fencing for a wide range of purposes- from creating distinct work zones to securing valuable equipment. It's not always feasible to invest in permanent fencing for a construction site. 

Temporary fencing provides an affordable and convenient solution. In order to understand how temporary fencing can be used to enhance your construction site, it's important that you are familiar with the three types of temporary fencing available for rent in your area.

1. Chain Link

Chain link fencing is made from a series of small wires that are interconnected. Each wire is usually coated with a zinc or vinyl sheath to prevent corrosion. Chain link is a popular type of temporary fencing because it is lightweight and easy to install.

Rental companies will usually offer chain link fencing at multiple heights, so it's easy to find a product that can secure your construction site.

You can choose to invest in simple chain link fencing, or you can upgrade to chain link fencing fitted with privacy screens or slats. Upgraded chain link is ideal for construction sites where you don't want to be visible to passersby.

2. Block and Panel

Block and panel fencing can often be found on construction sites. This type of temporary fencing is made from metal panels that are connected via plastic or cement blocks. It is incredibly easy to set up block and panel fencing, which prevents the setup process from eating into valuable construction time.

Chain link fencing typically comes as one continuous roll. The single-panel design of block and panel fencing makes it much easier to create access points by simply removing panels to create openings within the fence line.

Block and panel fencing is a great choice for construction sites that need multiple access points for workers and equipment.

3. Pedestrian Fencing

Pedestrian fencing is an extremely lightweight form of temporary fencing. It is made from a plastic mesh material that comes in a large roll. The mesh is connected to posts that are tamped into the ground for stability.

As its name suggests, pedestrian fencing is designed to help direct and control foot traffic in a given area.  Contractors working in populated areas can benefit from the use of pedestrian fencing to prevent anyone from accidentally wandering onto the construction site.

The addition of temporary fencing to a construction site can significantly improve the safety and security of that site.

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