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4 Signs A Water Heater Needs Emergency Repairs

Asking a contractor to handle emergency water heater repair work is critical to avoiding bigger problems. If you have a house with a water heater, it's a good idea to know what the signs are that the system needs emergency attention. Watch for these four signs a contractor needs to check the system out immediately. 

Leaking Water

If water is leaking directly from the heater's tank, then there's potentially a hole or damage to a line. You might also notice staining on the floor around the tank rather than pooled water if your basement or storage closet is well climate-controlled.

Notably, there may be some water around the pressure release valve that might not be a sign of an emergency. If you can turn the temperature down on the heater and this spot of water goes away, then most likely the heater was just set a bit too high. However, if the problem occurs even on the lowest setting, then ask a water heater repair technician to take a look at it.

No or Low Pressure at the Faucet

When you run the hot water, there should be a normal stream. If the pressure has noticeably dropped, that's not a great sign. This is especially true if the pressure for the cold water is perfectly fine.

Loud Ignitions 

Particularly if you have a heater that uses natural gas, the burn cycle can be a little noisy. You might notice it when it initially ignites on a quiet night, for example. However, the ignition shouldn't be loud enough that you hear it over the noise of a normal day's activity. Especially if there is a thump when the heater ignites, you should consider turning the temperature down or off and then calling a professional.

Rust in the Water

During normal operation, a water heater shouldn't impart any color to the water. If you see rust in the line, you can check very quickly whether the problem is with the water heater or further away in the system. Run the hot water for a minute, and then run the cold water for a minute. If after a minute of running the cold water the problem clears up, then the issue is with the water heater.

This could be a sign of mineral buildup or even the metal of the tank breaking down. Both scenarios can lead to catastrophic failures so it's a good idea to contact an emergency water heater contractor right away.

To learn more, contact water heater repair services.