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Common Reasons Why A Home Water Well Sometimes Produces No Water

If you are living off the grid and you have no access to city water, you might be left with no choice but to have a well. This can fortunately save you money by providing you with essentially free access to water. However, if you suddenly discover that no water is coming out of the well, you'll need to figure out why.

Check the Power

The simplest explanation for why no water is coming out of your well is that there is simply no electricity. Your pump relies on electricity to draw water from your well. You'll want to make sure that you don't have a blown fuse or a tripped circuit breaker because these are easy fixes. 

Inspect the Pump

Your water well pump might not fail completely. Instead, the components of your water well pump might gradually wear out. You might notice that your water well pump is not as efficient as it used to be. Then, your pump might eventually fail and you will have no water.

If your pump breaks down, you won't be able to pump any water at all and you will then need to have your pump repaired. Depending on the nature of the pump problem, you might need to replace your entire pump.

Check the Well Itself

However, you won't want to assume that your pump isn't working simply because no water is coming out of the well. You'll especially not want to replace the pump unless you have confirmed that it has actually failed. There are other factors that can cause no water to come out of your well even when your pump is perfectly fine.

Your water well might simply be running dry. Some wells have a finite amount of water. If your well has dried up, you might decide to dig for water somewhere else or you may have to find a different way to supply water to your home.

Consider Other Potential Issues

If your well is running dry, you might begin to notice that your well doesn't have as much pressure or the water might not flow consistently. However, low water pressure can be the result of other factors as well. 

You might have low water pressure because of a restriction in the water supply chain. There might also be a leak somewhere such as in one of the lines or in your water well pump itself. 

Contact a local repair service to learn more about why you are getting no water from the well