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Benefits Of Drain Cleaning

Drains usually channel wastewater from your home to the sewer or septic system. However, you need to maintain your drains by routinely cleaning them. Here are the pros of residential drain pipe cleaning.

Slow Drainage Prevention

When debris, including mineral deposits, mud, and kitchen wastes like grease and food particles, accumulate on your drains' walls, this may reduce the pipe radius of the drains. This may result in slow drains. Eventually, this may cause water backups or overflows in your sinks or toilets. Residential drain pipe cleaning entails the removal of foreign objects in your drains using methods such as hydro jetting, air bursting, and snake drain cleaning. Also, plumbers may flush chemicals down slow drains to dissolve the debris and restore the usual drain speed of your wastewater.

Foul Odor Prevention

Clogged drains may produce a foul odor that may fill your house. The odor may occur due to the decay of organic materials by bacteria. Also, molds may grow inside your drains and produce a musty smell. The foul smell may cause indoor discomfort. Drain cleaning removes debris inside your drain, preventing your drains from having a foul odor and keeping your home fresh and comfortable.

Drain Preservation

The accumulation of debris in your pipe may increase the pressure inside the drains and cause drain cracking or bursting. This may cause leakage, which may cause corrosion of your drain system. The rust may eat away at the pipes, causing quick deterioration. So, you may need to perform drain replacement sooner than you thought. Residential drain cleaning reduces drain damage risks, protecting your drain system's lifespan.

Money Savings

Acute drain blockage may cause flooding of your home, increasing water damage risks. For example, the water may cause the rotting of your wood structures. If wood pillars get damaged, this may lower your home's structural integrity. Hence, you may require water restoration services to fix the damage, which may be costly. Drain cleaning may help prevent flooding of your home, saving you from expensive water damage repairs or replacements.


Clogged drains may encourage bacteria to build up. When the water from the drains overflows, you may be exposed to potentially harmful bacteria, which increases the risk of bacterial infections. Cleaning your drains prevent bacteria build up inside the drains, protecting your health.

Residential drain pipe cleaning saves money, protects your health, preserves your drain system, and prevents slow drainage and foul odor. Consider hiring a residential drain cleaning service in your area to learn more.