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Top 3 Reasons Why Your Water Heating Appliance May Be Leaking

When your heating appliance starts leaking, you must undertake immediate repairs to prevent severe consequences that may result from water damage. However, you must know that some issues causing the leakage may not be easily identifiable. As such, you will require special attention, which only an expert can offer. Therefore, it is essential to know the issues beyond your DIY skills so that you can hire a plumber to diagnose and fix them immediately. Below are some leaking problems that require a professional plumber's expertise. 

Damaged or Loose Drain Valve

The drain valve facilitates easier maintenance of the heating appliance by allowing the hot water to flow out of the tank during cleaning. However, the valve may become loose or incur damage due to the regular opening and closing, allowing water to leak. Note that a good indicator that the valve has a problem is the formation of peddles around the heating unit appliance. If this is the case, hire an experienced plumber to undertake the necessary repairs. They will start by draining the water tank and cleaning debris around the valve. However, if the problem continues, they will replace the damaged valve to stop the leakage. 

Old Hot Water Tank

As a water tank ages, some parts wear out, affecting its functionality and leading to leaks. Note that the problem starts when the tank rusts and corrodes, enabling water to pass through the cracks. Therefore, if you have used your water heater tank for years, it's advisable to consider a replacement. However, some tanks may leak even if they have not outlived their lives. For example, this may happen if you overuse your appliance, which might reduce its lifespan. Whatever the case, your top priority should be stopping the leaking water before it damages your property. Therefore, hire an experienced plumber to replace your leaking tank immediately after you notice the problem.

Anode Rod Problems

The work of an anode rod is to protect the water heater from any corrosive substances. Therefore, if the rod has a problem, it might not attract the corrosive materials. As a result, the substances will eat away the tank's metal, leading to leakage. To prevent this problem, check the anode rod occasionally to determine when it has excessive corrosion. Then, enlist the services of a plumbing expert to replace it. Ultimately, this will save you money because a correctly functioning anode rod will prevent damage that may force you to replace the entire appliance.

A faulty water heater can cause a lot of inconvenience in your house. Therefore, if yours develops a leakage problem, enlist the services of a plumber right away. They will conduct the necessary repairs or replacements to help you to avoid serious problems down the road.

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