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5 Reasons You Should Not Delay Drainfield Restoration

Drainfields are an important part of any septic system, and delays in restoring a drainfield can lead to serious issues with your septic system. When it comes to drainage systems, the sooner you can identify and repair a problem, the better for both your wallet and the environment. Here are five reasons why you should not delay drainfield restoration

1. Damage to Your Septic System

If a drainfield is not properly maintained or restored, it can lead to significant damage to your entire septic system. A damaged drainfield may cause water from other parts of the system or even external sources like runoff from rain or crews to enter into areas where they should not be. This can put extra strain on other parts of the system, leading to costly repairs or even replacements. 

2. Higher Risk of Sewer Backup

A backup in your sewer line can be a major inconvenience (and mess) if you don't have proper maintenance and restoration done on your drainfield. Without proper drainage, any blockage or clog in your system could cause a major backup that leaves you with a nasty surprise when you flush your toilet or try to do laundry.

3. Increased Pollution of Surface Water

When wastewater from a septic system isn't properly treated or filtered through a healthy drainfield, it could end up polluting nearby surface water like rivers and lakes. This can have serious consequences for the environment and your local area, so it's important to make sure that your drainfield is functioning properly at all times.

4. Poor Drainage

A neglected drainfield will also lead to poor drainage in the area around your home, which can cause flooding during heavy rainfalls or snow melts. This can not only damage your property but could also harm nearby plants and wildlife if runoff is contaminated with pollutants from the septic system.

5. Higher Maintenance Costs

Finally, a neglected drainfield will also lead to higher maintenance costs over the long run. If your septic system is not kept in good shape, you may have to pay for more expensive repairs or replacements down the road when issues arise. For example, if you wait too long to repair a drainfield, the damage could cause your entire septic system to fail, which would be much more expensive than taking care of the problem right away.

By restoring your drainfield as soon as possible, you can avoid all these potential problems and save yourself money in the long run. It's important to take preventive measures now so that you don't have major issues down the road with your septic system. Doing regular maintenance and inspections of your drainfield is the best way to ensure that it remains in good condition for years to come.  If you notice any signs of trouble with your drainfield, contact a professional immediately so they can assess the situation and make sure it gets taken care of properly.