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3 Reasons To Get A Plumbing Assessment In A Vintage Home

Vintage or antiquated homes offer a noteworthy level of charm. With unique layouts and design features and components reminiscent of the past, there are good reasons to invest in these properties. However, certain functional aspects of a vintage home can be in desperate need of updates. Simply put, the systems in place many years ago were not as efficient or safe as they are today. One aspect of an older home that will need to be evaluated before you move in is the plumbing.

Thankfully, a plumber can help you with this evaluation by doing a thorough assessment of the home's components. Take a look at a few reasons to have a plumber assess your vintage home. 

Make Sure the Pipes Used Are Considered Safe 

There are potential risks to sticking with old plumbing pipes when you move into a vintage home. Today, there is a greater understanding of what can leach into the water as it passes through simply by being exposed to the pipe material. Some pipe materials used in the past are prone to contaminating the water with dangerous toxins like lead. To make matters worse, it is not uncommon to find an old house that has multiple types of pipes in use. A plumber can do a quick evaluation to assess the full collection of lines installed in the home to make sure none of them need to be replaced. 

Make Sure You Don't Have Inconspicuous Leaks Present 

Leaks are easily one of the most important things to look for in an older home. It is not uncommon for old homes to have more complicated water line systems. Lines may be positioned in walls, beneath flooring, or even in the ceiling where they are not so easy to assess. Plumbers use modern technology and equipment to examine the pipes for leaks, such as acoustic sensors and moisture-detecting imagers, to pinpoint areas of moisture that are not immediately visible. 

Make Sure Your Plumbing Fixtures Are Up to Code 

Codes can vary depending on your location, but they have also changed substantially over the last few decades. If you are buying an older house, there may be a chance that some of the systems in place are not up to modern codes. For example, some vintage clawfoot tubs are not up to code if the faucet is not positioned in the right place. Likewise, some outdated water heaters are now not recommended due to safety issues.

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