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Well Pump Inspections And Maintenance

A well pump circulates the water that will be routed from a well. The pump is responsible for moving the water and ensuring that it is pushed through the plumbing that leads to a residence. Occasionally, a plumber may need to perform an assessment of the pump's operational capabilities. 

Pump Placement

The pump placement will indicate which type of equipment a plumber will need to assess and test a well pump. Some pumps are located deep within a well. This type of pump cannot be visually or physically inspected by looking into a well.

A plumber will need to inspect the type of well setup that is on the land. Then, they will determine how to access the pump. If the well system is still under warranty, the contractor who performed the installation may need to be contacted for any repair work that needs to be conducted. A pump that is located in a shallow well or on land will not be difficult to access.

Mechanical Issues

The first thing that a plumber will do is address any mechanical issues with the pump. Mechanical issues could impede the flow of water. For instance, a pump that has stopped working in its entirety may result in weak water flow or no water flow from faucets.

A plumber will determine if a pump can be rebuilt. If so, they will order the materials needed to upgrade the pump. If a pump is older, a plumber may recommend that the old pump is replaced with a more modern one. A plumber will check the pressure rating of the current pump. Then, they will order a comparable pump product.

Cleanliness Concerns

If the water within the well contains impurities, these impurities could eventually damage the pump. A plumber will assess the quality of the water that a home is supplied with. They may use a test kit to conduct an analysis of the water. When the pump is inspected, the plumber will assess the physical properties of the pump.

Some contaminants that are found in well water could corrode or weaken parts of the pump. Algae could form on the pump's exterior.

Water that is tainted should be treated first. The plumber will temporarily shut off the water. Then they will treat the water supply. Afterward, they will use special cleaning processes to treat the surface materials that comprise the pump. Once finished, they will reinstall the pump.

Talk to a plumber to learn more about well pumps.