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Residential Drain Cleaning - Useful Tricks You Should Know About

Something every homeowner should do as often as they can is clean their drains. Clean drains thwart clogs, foul odors, and expensive plumbing repairs. If you plan to clean your drains, here are some DIY methods for easy, efficient cleaning that you don't have to second-guess.

Try Soda For Minor Clogs

Some clogs in your residential drains will be minor, meaning they'll be near the surface. That's good news for you because it means you don't necessarily have to use technical equipment or involved cleaning procedures.

Basic soda may be all you need to break up surface clogs that form around your household. Any name-brand soda will do the trick because of its dissolving properties, including phosphoric acid. Soda is much safer than potent commercial cleaners on the market.  

Clean Weekly

You can invest in premium equipment to clean your home's drains and watch tutorial after tutorial. Still, there is no substitute for routine cleaning. The more often you clean your home's drains, the less dirty they'll get over time.

A weekly schedule is a good starting point. Whether you use cleaning products or plumbing tools, clean each drain once a week and see where that gets you. What you should find is fewer clogs and fewer service calls. 

Of course, every house is different because of the way plumbing varies. Ultimately, find a cleaning schedule that works best for you and is something you'll keep up with. 

Use a Snake Properly

Every homeowner should keep a snake in their household for drain cleaning. No, that doesn't mean purchasing a reptile at the pet store. A snake is a long device you can move throughout your home's drains to reach deep clogs. The trick is knowing how to use a snake.

With a snake in hand, insert the end into a drain and crank the handle until the snake doesn't go down any further. You should feel resistance. That's when you know you've reached the clog. 

Now rotate the end inserted into the drain until you break up the clog or it catches, allowing you to pull up debris. Use hot water to flush any remaining part of the clog down the drains for good. 

Even if you're not a plumber, you can still clean your drains to keep them from clogging and stinking. Just ensure your tactics align with how dirty your drains are and the things inside them. 

For more information, contact a drain cleaning service near you.