5 Ways Your Walls May Indicate Foundation Issues

Problems with the foundation aren't always visible since the bulk of the damage is likely hidden beneath the ground. Looking at your home's walls and the features contained within those walls can provide a clue to any existing foundation damage. 1. Baseboard Gaps Check the baseboards in every room of the house, particularly those along walls that back up to the exterior. If there is a gap between the bottom of the baseboard and the floor near the corners that join to interior walls, then the floor may be settling unevenly due to foundation issues. [Read More]

Is It Time For Sewer Line Repair? 3 Signs You Should Pay Attention To

As a homeowner, you should take good care of your sewer line to avoid costly plumbing issues in your home. If you pay close attention to your plumbing system, you will be able to identify sewer line problems at their earliest stages. Getting sewer line issues fixed by an experienced plumbing contractor at their earliest stages will be less costly than if you wait. For instance, your sewer line may need a professional's attention if you notice pools of wastewater in your yard. [Read More]

Is It Time To Hire A Commercial Plumber For Your Business? 3 Signs You Need To Pay Attention To

When taking care of your commercial building, you shouldn't forget to inspect the plumbing system. Although your commercial plumbing system is designed to serve your business for many years, it may develop issues from time to time, especially if you ignore routine maintenance. For instance, your commercial plumbing fixtures may start leaking at some point. As a business owner, you should ignore even the seemingly minor plumbing leaks because they may cause flooding and severe water damage to your valuables. [Read More]

Don't Be Tempted To Ignore These Residential AC Trouble Signs

Having a fully functioning air conditioner is essential for beating the summer heat. Unfortunately, most air conditioner problems tend to pop up during the summer months because that is the time of the year when cooling demand in residential and commercial buildings is at its peak.  One of the most effective ways to minimize the risk of your residential air conditioning system breaking down in the middle of summer and requiring potentially costly repairs is to keep a lookout for any signs of trouble and have them investigated. [Read More]